Fabulous Find: Duck Eggs!

by Martina  Our first Fabulous Find:  fresh duck eggs from Grassential Farm.  A dozen will cost you $6, only a dollar more than the going rate for chicken eggs at the farmer’s market.  As you can see from the photo, I couldn’t wait to try them when I got them home!  I fried two sunny-side up with some dried thyme from last year’s garden.  (Who says you can’t eat well locally year-round?)  Delicious!  I’d never had duck eggs before.  They’re a little bit larger than your average egg and have the biggest, yellowest yolks you’ve ever seen.

Most of Grassential’s business is supplying local restaurants, but you can stop by their farm store right in suburban Potomac for fresh eggs any time.  And make a point of saying hi to the khaki campbells that laid your purchase on your way out.  Enjoy!

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