Fabulous Find: Brie/Bleu Cheese

By Martina  Our latest Fabulous Find is the Mountain Top Bleu by Firefly Farms, one of their award-winning goat cheeses, and every bit as good as the imports in a gourmet shop.  I tried it at the Dupont Circle FRESHFARM market for the first time this past Sunday.  Imagine the creaminess of a ripe brie combined with the tang of an aged bleu.  It just melts in your mouth, and is best served at room temperature.  A trapezoidal brick (nice packaging!) sells for around $10, comparable to (or maybe less than!) what you’d pay for an artisinal cheese at your local supermarket.
Firefly Farms is in Accident, Maryland, near Deep Creek Lake, and they source their goat milk from the local Amish community.  Isn’t it nice to know that there are world-class products that come right from our own backyard?!  What a treat it is to shop local.

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