Fabulous Find: Sweet Corn!

by Martina

Corn is in abundance in the markets right now!  Sweet, fresh, inexpensive, and so quick and easy to prepare.  One farmer at the Reston farmer’s market even sliced up cobs to taste raw, and they were great…super crunchy.  He explained that most of the local corn you’ll find is the white variety, as opposed to yellow, because it’s generally sweeter.

I like to simmer them on the stovetop, because I don’t have a backyard grill.  I picked up this simple technique from one of my favorite cookbooks, which explains the basics so well:  The Kitchen Survival Guide.  Boil salted water in a big pot; add shucked corn cobs; bring back to a boil; turn off heat and let sit for 5-7 minutes.  They come out perfect every time.  While they’re sitting, I soften some butter in the microwave and add whatever fresh or dried herbs I have handy…most recently thyme.  The folks at Smart Markets also recommend cilantro-lime and ginger-garlic butter combinations.

What’s your favorite way of cooking up your summer corn?

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