Purple Cauliflower? That’s Just Crazy!

No mistake: the purple cauliflower

“Purple cauliflower?!” That’s usually the exclamation we hear at the market when customers see this unusual find. Fall is the time for cauliflower, and it shows up in local produce in many varieties.

Questions usually follow, such as ‘does it taste the same?’ ‘Is it artificially colored?’  And we’ve answered many, m any times, yes and no, respectively. I finally got my hands on a head of this wonderful unique find this week, as usually it goes very quickly with the customers. I wanted to experience for myself this crazy purple cauliflower.

There are a number of vegetables in the cabbage family that come in this deep purple color: I’ve seen cauliflower, cabbage, and kale varieties. The benefits of buying local are that you get to see the great varieties that vegetables and fruits actually come in.

A customer had told me how she makes ‘cauliflower mashed potatoes’ by mashing the cauliflower, adding some tasty amendments and serving it as a great substitute for potatoes. I’d been wanting to try it, and thought, ‘if I make it with purple cauliflower, will I get purple mashed potatoes?’ I set out today to find out.

After steaming the cauliflower, which was fairly small, I used a stick blender, added two tablespoons nonfat sour cream, salt and pepper and let it rip: the result was indeed purple ‘mashed potatoes’.  The taste, though not a complete double for mashed potatoes (of which I happen to be a huge fan), is creamy and lightly flavored and was so easy and fast to make, it could be a side to any meal.  As a single girl extraordinaire, it was today’s lunch.

After: purple mashed deliciousness

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