Posted in June 2013

Fabulous Find: Salty Caramel Gelato by Dolcezza

Fabulous Find: Salty Caramel Gelato by Dolcezza

by Martina I went to Italy with friends in April, and because the weather was mostly chilly and gray, we didn’t stick to my usual mantra of “a gelato a day” this trip.  But now that summer’s [finally!] here, I find myself compelled to seek out the good stuff closer to home. A quick Google … Continue reading

Willowsford:  Another Viewpoint

Willowsford: Another Viewpoint

by Martina As Amanda talked about in a recent post, she and I took a drive out to Loudoun County a few weeks ago to check out Willowsford, a new residential housing development within a stone’s throw of Dulles Airport.   And we left with different impressions of the place. To some degree, it’s a typical … Continue reading