Goats & Guitars Farm to Table Summer Concert

Goats & Guitars poster

Another shout out for a local farm to table event coming up July 20 – Norman’s Farm Market, along with Something Earthy Pottery, is hosting a Goats & Guitars farm to table event, featuring local music, food and local beer.  The event will be July 20 at 5pm in Laytonsville, MD.  Tickets are $10.

You can read all about it on the Goats & Guitars Facebook site.

John and Eris Norman operate Norman’s Farm Market, which I worked at last summer. Not only do they have the best, most affordable CSA in the DC region, with the freshest fruits and vegetables, they are good bosses and wonderful folks. John is a musician and Eris is a health coach, and they both have a passion for healthy food.

This event promises to be a great experience – bring a blanket and enjoy the fare and music.

Don’t miss the chance to meet this guy, too. Goats & Guitars -  Norman's Farm Mkt

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