Smart Folks Doing Good Things

top row: Matt Mulder of Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture, Tommy Langford of Ellwood Thompson ‘s Natural Food Market, Pam Hess, Michel Heitstuman and Melissa Harris of Flavor Magazine, June Blanks of Penn Quarter Bodega. In the front row: Jim Epstein of Blue Ridge Produce, Ann Yonkers of FreshFarm Markets, David Winer of Eatwell DC, Erin Johnson of Sandy Springs CSA and Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms.

by Martina

I know, this photo, with its mile-long caption, looks like a typical conference panel (if a typical conference panel had eight participants plus several people making introductions!).  But it was much more fun than that…maybe because I couldn’t wait to hear what the movers and shakers in the local food movement had to say…or because I was surprised to see my friend Matt on the panel…or because I was excited to be in the audience of industry insiders…or maybe (probably) because I knew a fabulous reception with local food and drink was to follow.  Regardless, it was fun for a local food nerd like me.

Check out my full post about the panel, called “A Bigger Future for Local Food,” on Flavor Magazine’s blog site.

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