Fabulous Find: Salty Caramel Gelato by Dolcezza

by Martina


I went to Italy with friends in April, and because the weather was mostly chilly and gray, we didn’t stick to my usual mantra of “a gelato a day” this trip.  But now that summer’s [finally!] here, I find myself compelled to seek out the good stuff closer to home.

A quick Google search told me that DC’s Dolcezza gelateria has recently opened a store in the new Mosaic District in Merrifield, and even better, that they’re carried by Whole Foods around the area.  Sure enough, my neighborhood Whole Foods carries a number of flavors, and I took home the salty caramel.

Wow, is it delizioso!  Just like you’d imagine salty caramel ice cream to taste…salty, sweet, complex…rich in fat AND flavor.  But wait!  There are only 7 grams of fat and 180 calories per serving.  With those numbers I could almost keep up my vacation gelato-a-day mantra throughout the entire summer!

But don’t take my word for it, The Washington City Paper’s food issue just listed Dolcezza’s salty caramel gelato as one of the “50 DC-area dishes you’ve got to try.”  Mangia!!!

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