Fabulous Find: South Mountain Creamery Mocha Chip Ice Cream

delicious goodness

by Martina

Now this is good stuff!  South Mountain Creamery’s Mocha Chip ice cream is rich espresso ice cream with chunks of chocolate and chocolate-covered coffee beans.   The weather has cooled off, but my fingers are crossed for a few more 70-degree days to support my ice cream habit.

South Mountain Creamery makes home deliveries to most of the DC area (yes, they’re the milkmen of the 21st century).  And they deliver more than just a variety of ice creams and other dairy products…things like cider, jam, honey, even your Thanksgiving turkey.   For the more adventurous, they have a store on their farm 10 miles west of Frederick, MD.  If you stop by around 4pm, you can even bottle feed the calves, making for a fun outing for kids of all ages…especially since ice cream is involved.

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